October 31, 2009 – 5:44 am

Rick made a promise some 15 years ago, while out on a particularly long and arduous trek, sitting around the campfire one night feeling extremely proud of Bob’s achievements that day – he swore that on Bob’s death he would get him tattooed on his arm out of respect………. Rick tells the story below…..

“As previously mentioned, my appointment was on Thursday 29th October.    Both John and Trish (and most of my guides) were just a little scared of Bob in those days and so he developed the name “Bad Bob” John did a drawing around the same time and this was what I was to get tattooed on my arm.

Things we do when we get older!

Funny thing was I took a copy of the book in with me to show the Tattooist what he looked like, only to find out his 20 year old daughter was doing the tattoo (been tattooing for 5 years and is qualified).  During the conversations that transpired she told me the only time she had been on a horse was when she was 8, attending a riding camp with her sister and a couple of her sister’s friends (she was too young, had to be 10 for insurance purposes but the owner had made an exception)

Well it turns out that owner was me! She rode Sonny (14.2hh Black QH).    She and her sister also ended up being Great grandchildren of my parents’ neighbours, small world?

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