Tales of a Saddle Tramp



We finally sold the very last hard copy of Rick’s book, “Tales of a Saddle Tramp”.    Thanks to everyone who purchased these in the past.

We are proud to announce that “Tales of a Saddle Tramp” is now available as an e-book.  This can be downloaded at Amazon.com.au by pasting http://www.amazon.com.au/dp into the search bar, and then pasting the book code B01A58X4K4 into the search bar.   You will then be able to purchase and download Rick’s book.

If you like what you read, Rick would really appreciate your review about his book.  More reviews will mean better placement within Amazon.

“This book is about how one man’s life can be touched by horses, and the bond that develops between that special horse and rider.

That life is mine – “Rick Allen”, ex-navy electrician turned leather worker turned saddler, horse rider, endurance club president, saddlery store owner, horseback tour guide, and operator of Saddletramp Horseback Tours.

What started out as a hobby, doing trail rides for fun with the club, ended up a profession, eventually teaching other people how to be tour guides.

My philosophy in life is simple – if you have a passion – GO for it! Don’t be afraid to fail.

We only live once as we know it, so have a go at it. I would hate to get to whatever age I get to and wonder what it would have been like to have had a crack at something!”

Rick Allen

The above quotes are taken from the back cover of Rick’s book “Tales of a Saddle Tramp”.   Eight years in the making, Rick’s book was originally published by Nev Tickner, (Tickner Publishing, Queensland), and is a compilation of interesting tales about Saddletramp Horseback Tours, and the days when Rick and Bob, his Waler gelding companion, travelled nearly 19000 km together as they introduced people from all around the world, and from many walks of life, to the charm and romance of the Tasmanian bush.

On Wednesday 7th October 2009, we sadly bid “farewell” to Bob, Rick’s long time companion and friend.   Bob was 34 years old, and, even though he was sporting more than a few grey hairs, right to the end he was still defending his feed bucket, and still exhibiting his tremendous spirit and his courage; as always, true to his Waler heritage.

Rick is currently working on the sequel ….”Tales of a Saddle Tramp 2… The Exploits of a Mobile Saddler “.

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