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Saddlery Care and Maintenance

Rick’s second e-book, “Saddlery Care and Maintenance”, is the result of over 38 years of knowledge accumulated by Rick during his time in the Saddlery Industry, along with his passion of Leather and Saddlery Care.   It was first published as a booklet in 2002, and has now been revamped and updated.

Within the pages of this book you will learn how to care for your Saddles and Tack.   As a Saddler I have seen many horror stories.  A lot of these start from the store where the shop assistant doesn’t even know the basics about what type of leather the Saddle is made of!
This means if they don’t know what it’s made of, they definitely can’t give you the right advice on how to look after it!
“Even in my early days of repairing and manufacturing Saddlery, the one thing that stuck in my mind was that people sometimes do the stupidest things! For example, no sane person would go out and purchase an Italian leather Lounge suite with a price tag of say $8,000, and then come home and totally ignore the manufacturer’s instructions with regard to cleaning and preservation would they? They certainly wouldn’t warm up a pot of Neatsfoot Oil, paint it on the lounge suite, then vigorously rub it with a cake of glycerine saddle soap, would they? I bet by now you’re thinking this person might be stark raving mad!”

Hopefully the information contained herein will unlock some of the mysteries of looking after your Saddlery and Tack.

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