Who are we?   We are a swarthy group of “Gentlemen” who many years ago, back in 1972, were part of the Navy’s Junior Recruit Scheme’s 41st Intake.  We were all aged 15 or 16 years old at that time, and spent that year of our lives at HMAS Leeuwin in Perth, Western Australia.   At the end of that year, we all entered the fleet in one way or another.   Some went straight to sea and into conflict zones, while some went off to do their Specialist Training in many different directions.    A brave few of us are  still serving today.   We are all linked by one thing…we are part of a unique group of JR’s (Junior Recruits).  This program ran from 1960 through until 1983, when Australia signed the Agreement to stop sending children to war.

A small amount of the 41st Intake (7 in total) met again 38 years after Leeuwin, whilst at the 50th Junior Recruits Reunion held in Perth in July 2010.     We had a ball, drank heaps, reminisced to our hearts content, and definitely didn’t want things to finish.   We decided that we had been pretty slack in keeping in contact and that maybe we should do something about this.

So a decision was made for all of us that are still traversing the land to get together to celebrate our 40th Anniversary of joining the RAN.   After an exciting couple of years of “treasure hunting”, the setting up of a private Facebook Group,  and many amazing phone calls and emails, we were successful in locating around 37 members of the 41st Intake, and together with many of their wives, partners (and a daughter and grandson), we celebrated our 40th Reunion at Port Adelaide in October 2012.   A fantastic and memorable time was had by all who attended.

The search continues!     We are starting to plan our next big get-together – to celebrate our 50th Reunion … in October 2022.   At this time possible venues are being costed, plans are starting to be worked on, and we are continuing the search for our missing band of brothers.

If you were part of that  Rascally Band of JRs that shared the unfortunate (or fortunate) description of “41st Intake”, and you would like to be part of the 2022 get-together, please contact Rick (Dick) Allen – ph (03) 62546196, or email mobilesaddler@activ8.net.au.

Our Facebook page is called JR 41st Intake, HMAS Leeuwin, and is a closed group to the 41st Intake and their immediate families.   If you want to join us, please look us up and ask to be made part of the group.

Watch this space for updates as we move together towards 2022.