4th June 2021   Our website is currently being updated, which means current information on the site may have changed.    Thank you for your patience … we’ll be up to date soon!

 Mobile Saddler Van

Make yourself a cuppa, relax, take some time out and have a browse through our website.
Inside you’ll find…
  • Mobile Saddler Pty Ltd.   Mobile Saddler is still here for you!    Although we are no longer on road, our workshop is open for business.   
  • The Mobile Saddler Online Shop.     We make a small range of goods – excellent quality at reasonable prices!
  • Synthetic Whips.    Find out all about our BSA Synthetic Stock Whips on our Shop page.  
  • Rick Allen Books.   While still providing mentoring and advice to Mobile Saddler, Rick is now pursuing his long held dream of publishing his series of fiction books.   
  • A page for the members of the 41st Intake of the Junior Recruits at HMAS Leeuwin.   Plans for the 50th Reunion, to be held in October 2022, are now underway (location to be advised).   We are looking for the missing “Band of Brothers”.   If you were part of this worthy but swarthy bunch of Navy blokes, have a look – we are looking for YOU!


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